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FOR 2023!

Honor Flight of Southern Colorado is sponsoring a WOMEN-ONLY HONOR FLIGHT for

Spring 2023!

Women veterans have honorably served and sacrificed for our country since the

Revolutionary War.

They are true heroes, and it’s past time we acknowledge that fact.

We are proud to sponsor a Women-Only Honor Flight for women veterans who served

in either World War II, The Korean Conflict, or the Vietnam War eras (1939-1976).

Barring circumstances out of our control, we will schedule Honor Flight Mission 16 for a

time in either April or May of 2023!

If you are a woman veteran who served during the timeframes listed above, or if you

know of a woman veteran who served during those conflict periods, please fill out the

Veteran application online.

We are also actively seeking Guardians and Volunteers to be a part of this historic

Honor Flight mission!

If you cannot be on this mission, please consider donating to this very worthwhile and

long-overdue cause.

For women veterans and Guardians who had previously registered in 2022, your

applications will remain active, and we will contact you individually on your status and

your eligibility to be a part of this upcoming mission.

If you have questions, please contact Cindy Long at [email protected]

Meet Our Board Members

Cindy Long

Oscar Vaughn

Gay Veale

Barbara Harris

Sterling Campbell

Lance Wheeler

James Sheridan

Brian Murphy