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Honor Flight is a National Organization that transports our Veterans on a three-day tour of Washington DC to visit their memorials free of cost. Our goal is to take as many veterans to Washington DC to visit their memorial while they are still with us to be honored. Honor Flight Southern Colorado has flown over 300 veterans from all six services on this trip of a lifetime. The long weekend includes visits to the Lincoln Memorial, WWII memorial, Korean War memorial, and the Viet Nam memorial, Marine Corp, Navy, and Air Force Memorials, as well as Arlington Cemetery including the Tomb of the Unknown and the changing of the Guard.

Honor Flight of Southern Colorado specializes in serving those veterans in this priority;

1. WWII and severely ill veterans of any era.

2. Korean War Veterans.

3. Vietnam Veterans.

4. Recent Middle East and Africa veterans.

Honor Flight’s cost for each veteran is $1,000. Honor Flights also need one Guardian for each veteran. The Guardians’ cost is an additional $1,000 to cover trip expenses.

This cost provides the following:

1. The Pre-Flight Luncheon with an information booklet for both the Veteran and Guardian.

2. Honor Flight shirts, and other Honor Flight wear (veterans get jackets, ponchos, hats, etc).

3. Bus Transportation to Denver, in DC, and back.

4. Transportation and air fare from Denver International Airport to DC.

5. All meals.

6. A memory book of their specific mission.

7. Wheel chairs and walkers as needed.

We have a new website at At this time, we are looking for organizations, volunteers, and fundraising partners to help us get veterans to Washington DC free of charge to visit their memorials. For questions or opportunities, visit the web site or call us at (719) 301-6778. Because of COVID- 19 issues, we hope to have a flight for October, 2021. We have a waiting list of veterans who are depending on us to allow them to experience this trip of a lifetime.