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The Mission of Honor Flight of Southern Colorado is to transport America’s heroes – our veterans - to Washington, DC, to visit the memorials dedicated to honoring their service and their sacrifice for our country.

We honor our nation’s veterans with an all-expenses paid trip to our memorials in Washington, DC - a trip many of our veterans may not otherwise be able to take without financial support.

Each veteran, Guardian, and designated support member costs approximately $1,500 per person, which includes all meals, transportation, flights, and clothing for the trip.

This is where you come in.

As a fully-registered 501(c)(3), we depend on financial support from large and small businesses, as well as foundations, organizations, and private citizens, to make this mission come to life.

Please consider donating to OUR VETERANS and this worthwhile cause.

Hit the DONATE button below to give…and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

To inquire about targeted donation opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]

Meet Our Board Members

Cindy Long

Oscar Vaughn

Gay Veale

Barbara Harris

Sterling Campbell

Lance Wheeler

James Sheridan

Brian Murphy